The STIMULATE Supervisors

The twenty four experts who will closely guide the ESRs are: C. Alexandrou, G. K. Christophides, G. Koutsou (CyI); A. Frommer, M. Guenther, Th. Lippert, M. Ehrhardt, A. Bartel (BUW); P. Carloni, G. Rossetti, M. Behr, J. B. Schulz (RWTH); C. Alexandrou, H. Panagopoulos (UCY); R. Trepiccione, F. Schifano (UNIFE); L. Biferale, M. Sbragaglia, R. Benzi, R. Frezzotti, N. Tantalo (UTOV); C. Tischendorf, I. Solokov (HUB); R.Nechushtai, I. Segev (HU). They will coordinate with the following nine mentors during secondments: K. Jansen, S. Schaefer (DESY); D. Pleiter (FZJ); S. Georgiou (CING); C. Bekas, C. Malossi (IBM); M. Wagner, J. Kraus (NVIDIA); W. Schoenmaker (MAGWEL). Each of the above supervisor and mentor has a team of researchers who will be helping with the supervision.